Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Description of the Ring (from the Artist)

This is the second ring of the Hatshepsut style. This design was first in my new collection of rings created to have an ancient feel. I love ancient history, especially when it involves incredible women. Hatshepsut reigned for around 20 years and she is generally acknowledged as one of the... greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt, building multiple monuments and commissioning endless sculptures of the royal person...there are so many, apparently, that almost every museum will have a Hatshepsut piece!

This version of the Hatsheput is formed of 2 bands of smooth recycled argentium sterling silver. A 3rd plain wedding band fits closely to the solitaire bands, creating the appearance of three joined bands. A gorgeous 6mm one carat white sapphire is wrapped in a thick circle that has been given a high polish and covered in the signature singleB Raw Circle facets. It can also be made with a smooth setting like the original Hatshepsut. It's a lovely ring, with a substantially larger stone than the original. I think it's absolutely gorgeous, especially the white on white color.

I purchase my materials from Hoover and Strong, a company with a strong commitment to the environment, and whose diamonds are conflict free and metals are recycled. Enjoy your jewelry without worrying about harmful mining practices.

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