Thursday, July 15, 2010

Location/ Site/ Lunch: Reserved

The plan as of 7/15/2011 (380 days till wedding)

Matt and I have reserved the lovely 3 bedroom Custer Ranch House for us, the best man and his guest and my maid of honor and her hubbie. There are also 4 bunkbeds in the "entertainment room" for whoever else may need a bed.

Saturday Morning (7/30/11)
Noon: Ceremony in front of Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park! *insert ooh and ahh here*

12:45ish- ceremony ends, wedding party and family have photo session while guests proceed to the White Buffalo Room at the Blue Bell Lodge for a catered Buffalo Burger Lunch!

1 pm: Wedding Party and family join guests at lunch and everyone chows down some yummy buffalo!

We have the room until 3 so people can hang out and relax for a while, chatting and catching up!

Then the wedding party and family will be off to a Buffalo Safari in jeeps touring the back hills of the Black Hills! Super Fun!(we may have to do this the next morning- I have been informed I will probably be in "high demand" on my wedding day and should not run off to see buffalo for 2 hours...)

*4 to 6:00pm* Break/ Naptime

6:30 pm- Hot Dog BBQ/ Pot-Luck at the Ranch House for all wedding attendies and their families and friends and extended cousins and whomever else wants to join us! We will have a variety or hot dog toppings, yard games and a "photo area" set up with hanging frames and a variety of props including these stylish 'staches!