Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bridesmaids: Alternately titled My A- Team

So I am still asking those who I would like to stand up for/with me at the wedding but as I intend to have 7 ladies to make up my A-Team and I would like a variety of colors for their dresses.I mean lets face it not everyone looks good in canary yellow and I refuse to be one of those women who makes their bridesmaids wear something ugly...



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Dreamy

Perfection: noun, adjective. See below

An action pose:

Description of the Ring (from the Artist)

This is the second ring of the Hatshepsut style. This design was first in my new collection of rings created to have an ancient feel. I love ancient history, especially when it involves incredible women. Hatshepsut reigned for around 20 years and she is generally acknowledged as one of the... greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt, building multiple monuments and commissioning endless sculptures of the royal person...there are so many, apparently, that almost every museum will have a Hatshepsut piece!

This version of the Hatsheput is formed of 2 bands of smooth recycled argentium sterling silver. A 3rd plain wedding band fits closely to the solitaire bands, creating the appearance of three joined bands. A gorgeous 6mm one carat white sapphire is wrapped in a thick circle that has been given a high polish and covered in the signature singleB Raw Circle facets. It can also be made with a smooth setting like the original Hatshepsut. It's a lovely ring, with a substantially larger stone than the original. I think it's absolutely gorgeous, especially the white on white color.

I purchase my materials from Hoover and Strong, a company with a strong commitment to the environment, and whose diamonds are conflict free and metals are recycled. Enjoy your jewelry without worrying about harmful mining practices.

April 11, 2010

It was our one year anniversary and all I wanted was to not have to plan anything (a break from my Type- A lunacy) so this is what Matt had set up for us:

8:30am- So, I woke up to the scent of sausage, eggs and maple syrup wafting into my room. Downstairs waiting for me was a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, a breakfast hot pocket and, of course, coffee. Poor Matt looked a little frazzled from trying to fend the animals away from my meal while waiting for me (I do not do mornings well) to come down.

After breakfast I took a quick shower and we headed to Como Park Conservatory for the spring flower show. Beautiful! What a way to start the day. They were previewing all the flowers that grow in the area but will not be around for another month or so. They had a zillion flowers such as pansies, hydrangeas, tulips and more, it was so bright and colorful! After the Conservatory we walked around the zoo, as it is not yet open for the season there were only a few animals around for viewing. We had a blast watching the baby orangutan run around with his paper towel tube super fun toy and got quite the show when the zebra decided to itch his rear end on the fence right in our face and then continue using his food dish- must have been quite the itch!!! Yikes!

Next we enjoyed a delicious picnic of sandwiches and chips. Poor Matt had to drag five times more stuff than he originally planned so that he could humor my insanity maintain Disney food service standards for lunchmeat preparation and storage. Anyways it was 70 and sunny with birds chirping in a chorus as background… truly an amazing afternoon.

It was time to go to our next stop--> the History Center to tour the Benjamin Franklin exhibit. *insert shriek of excitement here* I have a seriously weird crush on/ obsession with Benjamin Franklin and have seen every documentary I could find on him so I was floored that Matt had found out this was in town and included it on our day! It was just as awesome as I hoped, they even had one of his “magic squares” you could try to complete and a chair he made that would fan you with a breeze when you moved your leg (early a/c)!

After the History Center we ran to the pet store to get cat food as I forgot to pick any up the day before- silly me. Then it was back to the schedule.

We went to the Phalen Lake Golf course driving range to hit a few buckets of balls. It was a lovely day for it, I did not hit one single ball past the 50 marker. Enough said. It was great to watch Matt in his “zone” though. At least I got a tan?

Next we headed to Minnehaha Falls and hiked around. He was driving me crazy carrying this huge messenger bag around in the hot sun all afternoon and I let him know it at least 15 times. I inserted my foot into my mouth when he pulled out a blanket and two mini bottles of wine and presented me with what he called “Gift One”. It was a book that he had made of all of our e-mails to each other. I can’t believe he kept them nonetheless thought to have them bound! It was so beautiful and sweet! It was also hilarious to see how awkward our first conversations were and how persistent he was as I rudely blew him off for the first few e-mails! So glad he kept at it- I can’t imagine life without him now!

After a nice long hike it was time for some grub. We returned to the scene of our first date, (you know, the site of the infamous bathroom event) the Muddy Pig! We almost instantly remembered why we have not been there since- bad service, adequate food and weird clientele. While waiting for 40 minutes for a waiter to even come to our table we got to listen to this flamboyant homosexual man comment on how he liked the bra the drunk girl at the table next to us was wearing. The weather was too beautiful and the people entertaining to get to frustrated with the service and Matt had two beers that were 17.4 % alcohol so… life was good!

Anyways then it was on to the house to feed the dog and the cats and get ready for the week and he gave me my “Real Present” which was a Stir Crazy popcorn maker with a note that said “I know you said that you always wanted one of these as an engagement present”…. When I finished reading it he was on one knee (looking quite green might I add) and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes and rescued him from our dog Ruby who was literally body slamming him for attention by this point kissed him! Lovely!